How to use the blog on INASP Moodle

If the course you're taking on INASP Moodle makes use of the blog feature on this platform, you may find it useful to go through this page.

First, the blog feature on this platform is different from something like WordPress or other common blogging platforms using which you can publish your writing to the world. The blog feature here is something more private. Your blog on this platform can be used as a private journal to jot down your reflections on the course material, or to make notes (see this useful resource on note-making). You can also publish your posts for others on this platform to see. You can control the privacy settings for every post you write on your blog.

You will find the blog menu on your course homepage and/or within certain resources or activities in your course. The blog menu looks like this:

blog menu

You may be prompted to write on your blog at different points in your course. At those instances, we recommend you add an entry by selecting "Add an entry about this course" in the blog menu. You should add a title and description for your blog entry and optionally an attachment. Then you can choose whether you want to publish the post only for yourself or for others on this platform to see.

blog publish

It is completely up to you to decide whether you want to keep your post private or let others see it.

You can also select "Add a new entry" instead of "Add an entry about this course" when you want to write a blog entry. In this case, your post will be stored outside the context of the course, so we recommend you select "Add an entry about this course" whenever you want to jot down your reflections or notes related to the course at hand.

As your course progresses, you may want to occasionally read what you have written on your blog so far (select "View my entries about this course") to reflect on your learning journey or the notes you have made.

Finally, you can view the public entries of your course colleagues by selecting "View all entries for this course".

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