Forum etiquette - Don'ts

You should NOT:

  • Display any kind of bias towards course participants based on their gender, ethnicity, nationality, or anything else
  • Write in a harsh or insulting manner to anyone in the course
  • Share the contact information of other participants without permission
  • Discuss things unrelated to the topic of the course (unless you use a special social forum for informal/off-topic discussion);
  • Advertise anything without providing context. This includes posting calls for papers from journals, conferences and other events. You can however provide a link to anything online if it is relevant to an ongoing discussion in the course
  • Provide links to websites that may have illegal content, such as pirated software, scanned books, and copyrighted journal articles that are not meant to be shared openly. Uploading any such content directly on the forums is also forbidden.
  • Create an excessive number of separate threads on the same topic
If you are in doubt, check with your course moderator.

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