Automatically generated certificates

For many courses on INASP Moodle we award certificates that are generated automatically based on the relevant course completion criteria. If you're eligible for such a certificate, you'll be notified when your certificate is ready for downloading. Please note the following:

  1. You can download your certificate anytime after the certificate is ready (even months later, as long as you've not unenrolled yourself or the course hasn't been deleted). You just need to log into INASP Moodle and visit the course homepage. You'll then see a link or section to download your certificate, if you've completed the course. If you've forgotten your password for INASP Moodle, you can reset it by clicking the 'Lost password' link on the homepage.
  2. If you would like your name to appear differently on your certificate, just change your name in your user profile after logging in. See check/edit your profile. Then download your certificate again.
  3. If you've changed the interface language on INASP Moodle from English to some other language and you find that there are odd characters in your certificate, please change the interface language back to English. Then download your certificate again. Some languages are not supported fully in the certificate plugin.
  4. Please do not request any changes in the wording or formatting of the certificate, as these are standardized.
  5. We do not send out hard copies of certificates to online course participants as this would be very expensive! But feel free to print your certificate yourself.

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