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    • About the course and sample version

      INASP’s online self study course 'Questioning as we learn: An introduction to critical thinking’ aims to improve the skills of undergraduate students in higher education when assessing information. They will learn how to analyse and evaluate argumentative text and speech.This will help them with their studies and also increase their employability. 

      For educators who are considering using this course with students, we have produced a sample version with only the fifth unit, “How to recognize biases and assumptions, and reflect on your own biases and assumptions”. We recommend you read through the sample version and try out the activities to consider how they might fit with your students and your teaching plans.

      INASP can assist teaching staff with implementing the online course, running it with students and possibly complementing the online learning by designing face-to-face lessons in the classroom. Contact: Veronika at

    • Sample version - Unit 5

      Please feel free to explore this sample version of one of the six course units by clicking on the link below.