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This course is in the pilot phase.

Why join this course?
  • Improve your knowledge and skills in research writing via one of the few online courses tailored for social science researchers
  • Share your learning journey and make new research connections with hundreds of researchers from around the world via interactive discussion forums
  • Receive expert advice from an international team of experienced guest facilitators
  • Learn with instructional materials designed for Southern researchers and grounded in a neutral point of view
What did previous course participants say about the course?
  • "I learnt a lot more about writing for the social sciences. At the moment there are very few people to guide us in this matter so this was helpful. The material provided is useful and can be referred to [following course completion].
  • "The discussion activities helped to reduce my inhibition about publication. Noticing similar experiences among others I have now realized what needs to be done."
  • "I really liked the contents of each lesson and the inclusion of real examples from published papers. Even though I had taken other courses on research publication, this has been my favourite and the most useful one."
  • "The mini quizzes and reflection-type questions tested my knowledge and helped me focus on important concepts."
Who is this course for?

The course is designed for researchers in developing countries working in the social sciences. It is particularly suitable for early career researchers, or those with limited experience in publishing papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals,

What will you learn?

Participants who complete the course will be able to:

  • Use appropriate pathways to access published research literature
  • Describe the key issues in research and publication ethics
  • Identify suitable target journals for publishing their research
  • Draft a research manuscript by following journal guidelines
  • Deal with the peer review process
More information

Enrolment is now open!

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Length of course

7 weeks

Topics covered

Unit 1: Embarking on a research project
Unit 2: Research and publication ethics
Unit 3: Evidence base for a research paper
Unit 4: Preparing to write a research paper
Unit 5: Writing a research paper
Unit 6: Publishing a paper in a journal

Expected time commitment

3 to 4 hours per week

Learning resources and activities

Guided readings with mini quizzes, reflection questions, and prompts to write on the course blogs; writing activities including peer assessment; discussion forums with facilitator support

What support you can expect

We expect to have a team of guest facilitators who will respond to questions on the course forums. Our guest facilitators may not be able to respond to every single question, but most participants in our previous courses have reported high satisfaction with the responses they received on the forums from not only the facilitators but also their fellow course participants.

A note about technical support: No technical support is available prior to the course. When the course begins, limited technical support will be available on the “technical support” forum in the course. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to individual email requests for support before or during the course.

What feedback you can expect

There will be two writing activities that include peer assessment. To take part in these activities, you should submit your work and assess a few of your course colleagues’ submissions that are allocated to you. At the end of these activities, you can expect to see feedback on your work from your course colleagues. Please note that you will not get feedback on your work from the guest facilitators.

Course completion criteria

Going through the guided readings, completing the writing activities

Certificate awarded?

Yes, awarded upon meeting the course completion criteria

High bandwidth internet connection required?

No - there are videos in the course but they are optional

Is the course compatible with mobile devices?

Parts of the course are compatible with mobile devices, but we recommend a computer for coursework

Any deadlines?

Yes - for the writing activities (you will know about the deadlines at least 2 weeks in advance)

Next start date

To be announced

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